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Listen and record thousands of internet radio stations! Relay audio streams. Create your own CDs
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Aliaksandr Harbunou
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27 November 2007

iRadio 1.5 review

iRadio is a standalone tool that gives you the privilege to listen as well as to make quality audio recordings of internet radio stations.
Get this all new and free way make a collection of your favorite internet radio programs and music. The standalone tool with an easy to use interface supports an integrated search engine that will find your favorite radio by genre or keyword. The tool allows you to enjoy the music through the download and provide the user with information like; track parameters, name, stream name, stream type, bitrates, genre, and so on. This tool supports features like; auto save new tracks in a separate file, options to save tracks in directories with current date and time, several player options, support all popular radio stream formats, supports media convertor and splitter, scheduler, equalizer, and much more.
With support for Windows XP and 2003, with this tool the user can make retransmission of radio programs to many users.

Publisher's description

iRadio is a new way of capturing and collecting music from radio stations over the Internet. Integrated easy
search engine allows you to find favorite radio by genre or keyword, to choose bitrate and other characteristics. You
can listen and record radios at the same time. iRadio receives much more information about listening track: track
parameters, name, stream name, stream type, bitrate, genre etc. iRadio automatically saves every new track in a
separate file with the corresponding file name. While listening to a track you can get it full even if you have started
recording from the middle. You can optionally select saving tracks in directories with current date and time. There
are many more unique options allowing you to arrange your music and make new downloads. There is an integrated
CD recording engine that allows to create music CDs with CDA and MP3 formats. You have no difficulty in selecting
and mixing tracks for recording a disk. Each track's parameters and full selected time are indicated.
iRadio main features:
* Play and record internet radio
* Integrated search for radio stations by genre or keyword
* Full track information
* Separate track recording
* Auto track caching
* Several player options
* Support the most popular radio stream formats
* Media Convertor (convert any to mp3)
* Media Splitter
* Scheduler
* Creation of CD's with your favourite music
* Easy CD mixing * CDA and MP3 format for audio CD
* Retransmission of radio programs to many users * Equalizer
* Web Navigator (URLs parser)

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